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    Commercial Office Cleaning and
    Janitorial Services in Colorado Springs, CO

    Cleanliness in a work environment should always be a priority. To ensure sanitary spaces that protect the health of occupants and maintain the appearance of your business, turn to a reliable company that is trusted by many to arrange for your Colorado Springs commercial cleaning needs. At The Key People Company, we offer independent contract cleaners who serve both small and large businesses as well as single offices or entire facilities. By basing compensation off of a contract price based on the work performed, contract cleaners consistently offer quality and efficient service that you can trust. To enhance your experience working with our team, contract cleaners provide you with the option to customize your cleaning service package to address issues you face. This ensures you receive tailored services that eliminate unnecessary stress so you can focus on your business’s needs.

    Typical services that are offered for Colorado Springs office cleaning include:

    • floor cleaning
    • trash service
    • restroom cleaning
    • lobby cleaning
    • dusting
    • window cleaning
    • and more

    With these general services, our contract cleaners are committed to maintain quality cleaning in your office. From glass partitions to upholstered or vinyl furniture, our contract cleaners cover all of your bases. Aside from these standard cleaning procedures, The Key People contract cleaners offer specialized services such as exterior window washing, light fixture and translucent panel cleaning, and even grounds and building perimeter policing. It is clear that the value of working with our contractors for your office cleaning is well worth every penny.

    Services we offer

    Commercial Office

    Medical Office

    Dental Office

    Commercial Carpet

    Commercial Floor

    Other Janitorial

    Office and Commercial Building Cleaning

    One of the services provided by the cleaning contractors is office janitorial cleaning. The Key People Company’s contract cleaners are known for their thorough work that leaves your Colorado Springs office clean and orderly for an affordable price. No business should sacrifice unnecessary sums to maintain a proper work environment that will support productivity. When working with us, you can choose between customized programs. You determine a cleaning schedule and the specific practices that work for your office needs.

    Opting for a commercial cleaning service rather than depending on in-house cleaning is beneficial when it comes to cost and quality assurance. When working with contract cleaners, you eliminate the need to pay for expenses such as employment taxes and workers’ compensation. In addition, the need to purchase cleaning products and equipment for in-house cleaning is no longer a factor to consider. Contract cleaners provide all needed equipment. While contract cleaners reduce your expenses, they also provide quality cleaning. Contract cleaners are experienced and know how to properly use their cleaning products and equipment. This expertise may not be the main focus for in-house cleaning which drastically asserts cleaning services as a more favorable option.

    Clean office cubicles with an orange desk.


    An empty dental examination chair and all of the dental instruments next to the chair.


    Clean office cubicles with an orange desk.


    Colorado Springs Medical and Dental Facility Janitorial

    Another area of service that is important to our cleaning contractors is medical office cleaning. It is imperative that such environments are as sanitary as possible considering the risks of it being otherwise. This is why we have individuals who specialize in this industry to ensure you and your patients receive services that exceed expectations and needs. Similar to our office cleaning service, we also create a custom cleaning program that is unique to your practice. Our team of contract cleaners follows the customer’s requested schedule that maintains needed sanitation with the appropriate products and equipment.

    Our contract cleaners also provide services for dental offices. Those who specialize in dental office cleaning are highly attentive to detail and will not leave you with anything less than what you expect for your patients. You can trust The Key People contractors to provide a sanitary environment for every patient at every visit. By achieving this high standard for dental offices across the country, our contract cleaners have been known to provide the quality you require and the professionalism your patients expect.

    Especially in medical and dental offices, it is crucial for cleanliness to be a top priority. With this in mind, The Key People Company contractors offer services throughout your entire facility. From reception areas to break rooms to restrooms, you can trust the team to maintain all aspects of your building so you can focus on your practices.

    A window cleaner is cleaning a window with a squeegee.
    A newly buffed office hallway floor by The Key People.

    Specialty Janitorial Services

    The cleaning contractors at The Key People can also provide your Colorado Springs facility with specialty janitorial services. Such practices include window cleaning, deep floor cleaning and buffing, and carpet cleaning. Because these services involve materials that require special attention, practice, and care, our experienced contractors are your best bet. Our specialty cleaning can be provided on an as-needed basis or on a quarterly or regular service schedule that best suits your office. 

    Window Cleaning

    The Key People expert contract cleaners provide efficient cleaning to all of your windows to help maintain the appearance and environment of your business. You can expect timely scheduling and on-time arrivals with affordable prices so you do not waste time or money. Our contractors are equipped with professional cleaning tools so your office is kept in top condition. In addition, you can customize your cleaning service by preferences like specific cleaning products, techniques, or select windows.

    Deep Floor Cleaning and Buffing

    When it comes to deep floor cleaning, our contractors maintain a variety of types of flooring such as carpet, marble, concrete and rubber. The specific cleaning practices you can expect depends on your floor type. This preserves the quality over long periods of time. For example, VCT flooring involves strip and wax, rubber flooring involves steam cleaning only, and tile floors include steam clean and seal.

    Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet cleaning by The Key People contractors revitalizes matted, dull carpet. Carpet is known to trap in dirt which not only deteriorates the appearance of your office, but it also poses as an unsanitary foundation for your space. Our carpet contractors immediately uplift your office for a more professional and clean environment at an affordable price. In addition, our team works with your schedule so we provide the cleanliness you want without interfering with your business.

    A janitor is steam cleaning office carpet.

    The Right Cleaning Services for the Right Price

    Our team of contract cleaners brings a new meaning to clean. Contract Cleaners follow all customer guidelines and try to exceed customer expectations. As a business that has been around for over 40 years, we have established a reputation for the best contract cleaners offering the highest quality of services. We make sure our contract professionals are experienced. We work with the best contractors so you get the best results. As a business ourselves, we understand the importance of maintaining a space, whether it be a single office in Colorado Springs or a large medical facility. Neglecting cleaning services diminishes appearance and cleanliness which are both unacceptable to our contractors. With The Key People contractors, your space will be heightened and maintained without any stress on your end. Providing you with exceptional janitorial services through contract cleaners is a business model that sets The Key People Company above everyone else.

    Wonderful Janitorial Staff

    I am sending this email in appreciation of our wonderful janitorial staff Judith who comes during the day and cleans our high touch surfaces. She is extremely thorough, has a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone.  She is a joy to have around and I am so thankful to have her take such good care of our surroundings. Please convey my thanks and appreciation to her superiors.  Thank you.

    Dagmar - Centennial, CO

    Keep up the good work.

    The office looked fantastic on Wednesday when we came in. Everyone in the office commented on how good the carpets and floors looked and how clean the kitchen was. We also noted that our phones were cleaned and our desks were clear of dust build-up. These are always areas of greatest concern to us. We appreciate your consideration and hard work and would recommend your services to anyone. We are sincerely grateful for your efforts.

    Keep up the good work.

    Shelley Bethea - Gillete, PLC
    Mesa, AZ

    We are so impressed

    I just wanted to send a note to let you know how impressed and happy we are with the work that they did this weekend. We found places that they cleaned that have not been cleaned since we opened a year ago. We are so impressed especially with the floor in the warehouse office and just amazed at how clean it is. Thank you all so much for coming thru for us. We will have items moved on Friday to prepare for the floor strip and wax as well as the carpet.


    Dawn - Office Manager
    Denver, CO

    A closeup image of a mop handle.

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