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    Dental Office Cleaning Service

    Making a great first impression to your customers is important.  There is enough anxiety for your patient when he/she visits your dental office.  Your focus should be on your patients and not the cleaning. Contact The Key People Company for a free no-obligation quote.  The Key People Company offers premier dental office cleaning that is customizable to fit your unique office. Our standard is expert and professional cleaning Contractors.

    Dental Office Cleaning Packages

    We offer customized programs that promote healthier and safer environment for your patients and employees.

    • Medical Grade Commercial Cleaning Tools and Techniques

    • Sanitation Services

    • OSHA and JCAHO Standards

    • Expert Floor Care

    • Exam Room Cleaning

    • Restroom Cleaning Services

    • Dental Office Cleaning

    Cleaning of Offices, Exam Rooms, Surgical Suites, and Imaging Areas

    Our contract cleaners represent that all cleaning services for dental offices are up to OSHA Standards.  In the situation of an emergency, The Key People Company is also available on call 24/7.

    Our Services

    As a medical practitioner, nothing is more important than upholding the safety, health, and comfort of your patients. Let us support you in your mission to provide patients the best dental care by providing your practice the best and most diverse cleaning services. Below are some of the general services we offer:

    • Appliances (kitchen, telephone)

    • Desks

    • Carpet cleaning

    • Vacuuming

    • Dusting

    • Furniture

    • Window cleaning

    • Reception area cleaning

    • Breakroom/kitchen cleaning

    • Trash and recycling disposal

    Here are also a few specialized services we offer specifically for medical facilities:

    • Dental operatories (dental chairs, instruments)

    • Sanitization of high-touch contact areas (flush handles, door handles, light switches)

    • Exam room cleaning

    • Lobby cleaning

    • Waiting room cleaning

    • Expert floor care

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    Comfort Dental

    The Key People are an integral part of our operation. They do a fantastic job keep our 100+ practices looking their best.

    Selecting Your Cleaning Package

    No matter how big or small your dental practice is, every one of our customers can purchase a customizable cleaning package. Cleaning packages can be customized from the services you want for your practice to how often our contract cleaner comes to clean your clinic. Our cleaning packages also do not lock you into a long term contract, making our company’s contract cleaners not only the most considerate to your business’s needs but also the most flexible to schedule.
    In addition to our adjustable cleaning packages, our company assigns each one of our customers their very own account representative. Our reliable and capable account representatives can guide you through the process of customizing your cleaning package and answer any questions or concerns you may have about our contract cleaner’s services.

    In terms of cleaning materials and chemicals, all cleaning materials and chemicals are provided by our contract cleaners. The cleaning materials and chemicals our contract cleaners use are commercial and medical grade as our contract cleaners place maintaining and protecting your patient’s health and safety as one of their highest priorities. We only ask that your practice provide consumables and our contract cleaners will be more than happy to refill any consumables while cleaning your facility.

    A clean dental office with a chair and all the dental tools.

    Why Our Contract Cleaners?

    Here are three main reasons why hiring our contract cleaners is more effective than managing an in-house cleaning team for your cleaning needs:

    1. Specialized for Dental Offices — Because of the experience of our contract cleaners, the service provided by them takes in to account the needs specific to dental offices. No need to worry about training new cleaning staff when our company can offer the right professionals at the right price from the get-go.
    2. Budget-Friendly — When maintaining an in-house cleaning team, multiple expenses must be accounted for and managed for every hire. With our contract cleaners, the price you pay is one neat sum.
    3. Flexible Scheduling — Need multiple rounds of cleaning for one week but less cleaning for the next week? With an in-house team, you may have to adjust staffing consistently and at times this may lead to cleaning needs unmet. With our customizable packages, our contract cleaners clean your practice according to your practice’s schedule and needs. Simply let our contract cleaners know when you would like them to come in and you’re all set.

    In addition to being highly experienced, our contract cleaners’ keep the customers’ security needs in mind at all times.  All of our experienced contract cleaners are at the top in their respective fields and will respect the security protocols that your practice establishes.

    Benefits of Using The Key People For
    Contract Dental Janitorial Services

    Ever since the launch of our business in 1973, The Key People has only been committed to providing local businesses and practices the best contract cleaning services for over 40 years. Just like how dental practitioners seek to give their patients the most advanced medical treatments, we strive to provide the fastest and most effective contract cleaning services to best support local dental practitioners like you. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and fulfilling the cleaning needs of local practices is what makes The Key People the top contract cleaner provider in the nation.

    Interested in hiring our professional and experienced contract cleaners for your dental practice?

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    Our Dental Office Cleaning Work

    Dental Office Janitorial Services

    For over 40 years, The Key People has been providing the best contract cleaning services not only for commercial office spaces but also medical facilities. With contract cleaning services available across 14 states and in 34 cities, the widespread use of our company’s services is only a testament to the quick, efficient cleaning that our contract cleaners offer. Our top-notch contract cleaners are knowledgeable about the needs specific to those who provide medical services and are dedicated to ensuring that your facility is not only clean but also ready for your patients and staff. Let our experienced and dependable contract cleaners handle the cleaning so you can focus on your practice’s more pressing priorities.

    Please learn more today by calling us at  800-468-8283.

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