Why should I choose the Key People Co.?

Reputation. Since 1973 we have arranged with contractors to provide impeccable service to our clients. Our efforts to engage contractors with an uncompromising commitment to quality have made us one of the most respected providers of and facilitators for commercial cleaning services in the country.

Is the Key People Co. bonded and insured?

All contractors are required to provide workers comp and liability insurance. Yes, we are insured and bonded. We will provide a certificate of coverage upon request for our clients.

Are the contractors screened?

We pride ourselves on providing contractors who are dependable and trustworthy. Each contractor is required to pass an extensive background check before they are engaged to perform services.

Who supplies the cleaning supplies and equipment?

The cleaning contractor provides all professional chemicals and equipment. Consumable products are provided by the customer. The contractor will restock as needed.

How often will my facility be cleaned?

Each client’s program can be customized to fit their needs.

During what hours will the cleaning take place?

Whatever hours you request. Most clients prefer contractors to clean after hours, however, you and the contractor may discuss whatever your needs might be.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

In the beginning, we just ask that you give us forty-five days from the commencement of service before a thirty-day written notice is submitted.  After this, the contract is month to month and may be terminated by a thirty-day written notice by either party.

Are background checks performed?

Top priority will be given by our contractors to ensure the security of your building and its contents. Your security procedures will be followed at all times.  Contractors have undergone background checks.

Where are you located?

Our corporate office is located in Lakewood, Colorado.  We proudly offer janitorial serves to the following areas:

How long have you been in business?

For over FOUR DECADES, our sales and marketing company and janitorial contractors have been providing our customers with the best commercial cleaning services!

What services are offered?

Do you offer residential cleaning?

 No, Key People only specializes in commercial janitorial services.

Can the cleaning service be performed during our business hours?

Yes. The customer is able to customize the service to fit his/her business’ needs.  That includes the day and time, frequency, areas of service, etc.

Who provides the cleaning equipment and chemicals?

The Key People Co. services are turn-key.  Our expert janitorial contractors will provide all of the necessary cleaning equipment and cleaning materials to get the job done right.  Additionally, they will replenish supplies from your stock as requested so that you never have to worry about the TP, soap and paper towel dispensers being empty. Customer Provided Consumable Supplies include but are not limited to the following:

toilet paper; hand soap; hand paper towels; deodorants; urinal blocks; plastic bags; trash can liners

Do you offer move-out or vacant cleans?

Key People has expert janitorial contractors that have the experience to perform these customer requested services.

Do you offer final cleaning after construction has been performed?

Yes.  Key People has expert janitorial contractors that have the experience to perform these customer requested services.

Who provides the consumables?

Our customers need to provide the consumable supplies that their Staff and patrons require throughout the workday. For your convenience, Key People can refer you to a consumable supply company. Customer Provided Consumable Supplies include but are not limited to the following:

toilet paper; hand soap; hand paper towels; deodorants; urinal blocks; plastic bags; trash can liners

What are the payment terms?

Regular monthly services are net 30 from invoice date.  One-time/Special Cleans are payable upon receipt.

What if an emergency arises at my facility after hours?

The Key People Company is available 24/7 should an emergency arise, to provide you with peace of mind, always!

Why pick The Key People Company?

Free Estimates; Customized Service; Fully insured and bonded; Available 24/7; No Long-Term Contract; Contractors are background checked; average Contractor has been with Key People for 12+ years and we have wonderful working relationships with them.

We have very LOW Contractor turnover and we are very proud to be able to offer their services to our clientele!

What happens if an issue or concern arises and I am not happy w/my cleaning?

Our customers have one assigned customer service representative that they will communicate to and through.  We always strive to respond quickly and also communicate openly and honestly with our customers.  Our goal is to be supportive and productive in finding solutions and resolutions to issues and concerns. We respond in a timely manner. Any feedback is passed directly on to the cleaning crew.

What types of buildings and in what industry do you clean?

We arrange for cleaning all types of facilities including  general commercial offices, medical/dental offices, automobile dealerships, banks and financial institutions, massage and spa, and learning centers, fitness/recreation centers, data centers, and more.

Do you take credit cards?

For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCardDiscover, and American Express.  There are no processing fees for credit card transactions.

Do you provide references?

 Yes, of course! Upon request, we can provide current customer references with phone numbers/email addresses to potential clients; feel free to discuss our services with them.

How do we pay for services?

We accept checks; Customer Initiated ACH/EFT Transactions and

Credit cards – Visa, Discover, American Express, Master Card.

Do you require a service agreement/contract?

Yes, we will require you to sign our service agreement. This is written evidence that you have agreed to pay for our services and what those services entail. There is also a required 30-day written notice to terminate that may be exercised by either party.

Does my company need to purchase any cleaning equipment or cleaning supplies?

The cleaning contractors provide all professional cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies needed to perform the work, except for consumables such as paper towels, toilet paper, trash liners and hand soap.

If requested, Key People can refer you to a consumable supply company.

What if my cleaning day falls on a public holiday?

If your scheduled cleaning day occurs on a public holiday, the cleaning crew will make arrangements to reschedule for another day or to clean on that day.

What is the procedure should anything be damaged or broken during the cleaning?

If the cleaning crew is responsible for any damage, arrangements will be made to have the item repaired or replaced.

How soon can you start to clean our facility?

Once we receive the signed proposal/contract, service can normally start within five to seven business days.  Please know that if you find yourself in a situation where your previous cleaning company has quit without warning or notice, we will do everything we can to make arrangements to be there as soon as possible.

How do we communicate a concern or need?

As an A+ member of the BBB, The Key People Company prides itself on ensuring excellent customer service by the contractors we engage. Each customer can work directly with its contractor to address any issues that arise. Additionally, each customer receives a dedicated customer service representative from the Key People who will return calls in a timely manner and who is committed to resolving any concern not satisfactorily resolved with the contractor provided to perform contracted services.

Why Should I Hire a Janitor When I Can Have my Staff Do It?

As you well know, retaining in-house employees is very expensive and involves payroll tax, salary and benefits package (insurance, vacation, sick pay, etc.) not to mention numerous indirect costs like tools, equipment, chemicals.

Hiring us allows you to focus on your business and enables your team to concentrate on critical objectives rather than cleaning the office.

Lastly, our formula of partnering with janitorial contractors allows us the opportunity to offer a full-array of commercial janitorial services and commercial cleaning services to our clients. For over four decades our customer service staff and cleaning contractors have been providing our customers with the best commercial cleaning services, but more importantly, we provide peace of mind. You will never have to think twice about your facility being in the best condition each day!  We ARE your Key to a cleaner work environment!

How are you different from other commercial cleaning companies?

The rapport that we develop with each customer helps add a personal and human component in our business relationship. Honesty, reliability, and integrity are what keeps our customers staying with Key People.

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