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    Hair Salon Cleaning Service

    The Key People’s hair salon cleaning service is one of our most sought after services. This is because we have years of expertise in the salon industry. It takes special attention to detail to maintain the clean crisp image that customers expect. Through our seasoned and professional network of contract cleaners, our hair salon cleaning service is second to none and your satisfaction is our utmost concern. We can customize your cleaning service to meet the specific demands and requirements of your salon.

    Salons and spas offer an escape from ordinary life with their luxurious treatments and well-kept facilities. However, it can be hard to constantly maintain a flawless level of cleanliness when also offering top-notch treatments. Take the stress out of managing a salon by turning to The Key People's hair salon and spa cleaning services. Our team of contract cleaners has years of experience working in and with the salon industry, so you can trust us to do an excellent job in cleaning your establishments. For over forty years we have worked in contract cleaners who are passionate about expanding their local network through professional and efficient cleaning work. By requesting our services, you will not only be taking care of your establishment but also caring for our locally based workers as well. Our spa janitorial services are available in 34 metropolitan areas, so if you require cleaning services feel free to get a quote from us today!

    General and Routine Services

    Hair salons and spas offer luxury treatments. However, not everything can be customized to each customer. Your employees are going to use the same tools and products for different clients. The clients are going to be sitting and laying down on shared surfaces. And the services you provide will leave hair and spa treatment waste in the nooks and crannies of your establishment. Managing the clean standards of a salon or spa is part of the job, but it doesn't have to become a major part of your job.

    General Services

    • Carpets Cleaning

    • Cobwebs Cleaning

    • Desks Cleaning

    • Dusting Cleaning

    • Finger Marks Cleaning

    • Glass Partitions Cleaning

    • Mats & Runners Cleaning

    • Mini-Blinds Cleaning

    • Plastic Chair Mats Cleaning

    • Telephones Cleaning

    • Tile Floors Cleaning

    • Trash Disposal Cleaning

    • Upholstered Furniture Cleaning

    • Vinyl Furniture Cleaning

    • Walls Cleaning

    • Water Fountains Cleaning

    • Window Sills Cleaning

    Specialized Services

    • Carpet Cleaning
    • Cleaning Ceiling Vents, Heating & A/C Diffusers, & Exposed Pipes
    • Day Porter
    • Exterior Window
    • Washing
    • Light Bulb Replacement
    • Light Fixture & Translucent Panel Cleaning
    • Policing Grounds & Perimeter of Building
    • Strip, Refinish, Spray/Buff Tile Floors
    hand cleaning with a spray

    Spa and Hair Salon Cleaning Services

    hand cleaning with a spray

    If you choose The Key People's team of excellent contract cleaners to help maintain and clean your establishments, you will never have to stress about maintaining OSHA and health standards again. Our contract cleaners are vetted and have years of experience with the day to day procedures of hair salons and spas, allowing them to better do their jobs and clean your establishments with ease.

    It is vital that your employees can work and your customers can feel at ease within a clean and orderly hair salon and spa. Our general service packages are designed to be well rounded in order to target most, if not all, of your maintenance cleaning needs. Our typical cleaning service packages include the cleaning of furniture and floors, restocking of consumable sanitary goods, and the disposal of trash and recycling.

    Customize a Cleaning Package

    Our team can cover your entire establishment as well from the lobby to office and break rooms. Nothing matters to use more than the safety of your employees and clients—so our contract cleaners are well prepared to tackle the maintenance of all your business's facilities.

    We also offer many services specific to hair salons and spas as well to make sure we're targeting all your needs. Such specific services include:

    • Sanitization of high-touch contact areas (massage tables, salon chairs, door handles, light switches)
    • Water Extraction
    • Multi-use tools and items cleaning
    • Receptionist desk cleaning
    • Carpet Cleaning
    • Clear Glass \u0026 Translucent Panel Cleaning
    • Tile Floor Upkeep (including stripping, refinishing, and spraying/buffing)
    A spa with a line of empty chairs clean and ready waiting for clients.

    Entrance & Reception Areas

    • Entrance Glass
    • Floors
    • Furniture

    Lunchroom, Kitchen & Coffee Areas

    • Cabinets & Metal Work
    • Furniture
    • Microwave Ovens
    • Vending Machines


    • Dispensers
    • Fixtures
    • Floors
    • Glass
    • Trash Containers
    • Walls

    Selecting Your Salon and Spa Cleaning Package

    Not every hair salon and spa run the same way—and neither do our cleaning services. In order to best accommodate your business's unique schedule, all our services and contract cleaning staff are flexible. None of our customizable plans lock the customer into a long-term contract, and specific services can be added on or removed at will. This allows the customer to build a package that addresses all their needs while remaining cost and time-efficient. Our staff can work during business hours or after, and we bring our own cleaning equipment and chemicals. If consumables are provided, our staff is more than willing to restock them as well.

    Our team of contract cleaners is thoroughly committed to leaving your establishments as flawless and pristine as possible. Their detail-oriented focus helps them to clean and sanitize up to state health standards. While hair on the floor and masks on countertops are being regularly cleaned up by your employees, over time dust and grime can accumulate within frequently used spaces. Let us handle the stress of deeply and routinely cleaning your establishments. By making sure to sanitize your pedicure spas, whirlpools, UV lamps, and other tools, our team ensures that your employees and customers can experience a tranquil experience within your establishment!

    Our efficient salon janitorial services include our own cleaning equipment and chemicals. If requested, our staff can also restock any consumables you have within the establishment as well, such as toilet paper and soap. However, we ask that you provide the consumables.

    Why Choose The Key People for Janitorial Services

    Since 1973, The Key People Co has been providing consistently well-regarded cleaning services across 34 metropolitan areas. Through the combination of a team of professional contract cleaners and a focus on customer experience, we have helped countless hair salons and spas maintain a high level of clean quality. By ensuring optimal sanitization standards through our team, our customers within the salon industry have been able to focus on their more critical business goals of treating their own clients well. If you would like to contact us in order to get a free quote on a cleaning service, feel free to call 800-468-8283 or use our website. Our customer service representatives are more than happy to answer any questions, customize your cleaning package, and address any concerns about the cleaning to the payment process. By putting your faith in The Key People Co, you are contributing to a network of highly trained janitorial staff, securing a high-quality investment in your business, and creating a brighter and cleaner future for your establishment.

    Wonderful Janitorial Staff

    I am sending this email in appreciation of our wonderful janitorial staff Judith who comes during the day and cleans our high touch surfaces. She is extremely thorough, has a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone.  She is a joy to have around and I am so thankful to have her take such good care of our surroundings. Please convey my thanks and appreciation to her superiors.  Thank you.

    Dagmar - Centennial, CO

    Keep up the good work.

    The office looked fantastic on Wednesday when we came in. Everyone in the office commented on how good the carpets and floors looked and how clean the kitchen was. We also noted that our phones were cleaned and our desks were clear of dust build-up. These are always areas of greatest concern to us. We appreciate your consideration and hard work and would recommend your services to anyone. We are sincerely grateful for your efforts.

    Keep up the good work.

    Shelley Bethea - Gillete, PLC
    Mesa, AZ

    We are so impressed

    I just wanted to send a note to let you know how impressed and happy we are with the work that they did this weekend. We found places that they cleaned that have not been cleaned since we opened a year ago. We are so impressed especially with the floor in the warehouse office and just amazed at how clean it is. Thank you all so much for coming thru for us. We will have items moved on Friday to prepare for the floor strip and wax as well as the carpet.


    Dawn - Office Manager
    Denver, CO

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