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Best Commercial Cleaning Service


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Welcome to our website and thanks for taking time to learn about our company. Our formula of partnering with janitorial contractors allows us the opportunity to offer a full-array of commercial janitorial services to our clients.

For over four decades our staff and contractors have been providing our customers with the best commercial cleaning services, but more importantly, we provide peace of mind. That means that you will never have to think twice about your facility being in the best condition each day! No matter what your needs are, a customized program can be created that will keep your facility sparkling and your mind at ease. Please call or email us today with questions or to request a free quote.

Thank you,
the Key People Co.


“[We] love our service and especially Consuela, your contract cleaner. It seems Consuela found some money that had dropped out of a cash bag and put it on her desk.”
Carrie at Springleaf Financial

Springleaf and The Key People thank you Consuela for your honesty and hard work.
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